AMG Design Consultants


“We don’t set boundaries,
we can create anything.”​

We are a team of international design consultants and future shapers based in Italy and Dubai with more than 40 years of experience in Interior and Exterior Design, Development and Planning in many different sectors of the industry such as, Retail, Commercial, F&B, Hospitality, and Real Estate.

A brand synonymous with taste, quality, professionalism and client care, we serve clients worldwide from concept to project implementation. Our main goal is to provide the most sophisticated and refined Italian style across the globe through the creation of unique concepts.

Our success formula is owed to our team of experts who possess extensive knowledge and skills within the architectural industry, providing forward-thinking and innovative ideas for all our projects.


AMG Design was created based on an unwavering passion and love for architecture and design shared between its two founders, Anna Maria Giangrasso and Mario Giangrasso. It is a family business to create a long-lasting legacy in the industry. The name is an acronym of the founders' names and is deeply rooted in its Italian heritage and culture spanning across the two generations.

With more than 40 years of experience, AMG Design offers its clients creative and innovative design and design management services. They continuously strive for excellence and thus stay ahead of new trends and future developments to cement themselves as industry leaders and innovators.

The business holds to its Italian origins, with designs largely inspired by the fascinating Neapolitan culture mixed with Sicilian where Mario was born. Southern Italian creativity is a leitmotiv of all the projects with finding the perfect balance between preserving the historical beauty and innovating with new trends and future languages.

I’m 2007, AMG moved to Dubai where they were able to fuse the Emirati influence work with their Italian styles to reach beyond the borders of unseen ideas and create unique environments.







AMG Design has been recognized for many prestigious awards within the industry as a result of their dedication and willingness to never settle for anything less than the best quality. With a deep connection to their Italian roots, AMG Design provides a unique style form paired with their artistic vision for commercial space pushing them forward as industry leaders in their field. Their artistic vision for commercial spaces pushes them forward as industry leaders in their field.



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AMG Design works across mixed-use developments offering our clients a variety of creative solutions to assist in maximizing asset value and business growth. Our goal is to assist developers, and real estate investors with the below aspects.

Identifying distressed assets to be purchased and estimating the positive return on investment (ROI) when refurbished.

Utilizing our retail strategy to identify the unique selling proposition of the development. Determining the positioning, desired potential tenant mix, anchors, size and orientation resulting in a merchandising output.

Preparing the tenant/customer engagement strategy including determining the marketing strategy, commercial offers and digital strategy as well as identifying partnerships and alliances across the business.


At AMG Design, we mould creations and instil life into every piece of furniture we create, birthed with care and cast with prestigious roots. We design and develop unique furniture assisting you with the entire process from incubation to production and distribution. Envisioned with design philosophy, guided with foresight and with the sole purpose of producing concepts never seen before, we assist companies/start-ups with the following services:

Market Study


Desing and Development of Products

Marketing and Advertising